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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lost art of the group ride

The following is a link to a recent post from JDRF national coach, Tim St. Clair, on Facebook. It is well worth the few minutes that it takes to read.


General Stuff

Thanks Sam for the reminder about the Blog. I had completely forgotten about this particualr forum. We sure have a lot of different methods to communicate and it is difficult for some of us old people to keep track of everything.

Congratulations to the LaCrosse riders. From all that I've heard it was a great ride from all aspects. Sarah has participated in a few rides over the years but never as a rider. She now knows what we have all experienced as riders. Welcome Sarah to an elite group.

Is there anyone interested in riding on the East side on Sat? I'm planning to leave 7:30 ish and riding at least 50 miles. Let me know.

Take care all and remember to ride often and safely.


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Indiana Cure Chasers 2010
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