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Monday, August 31, 2009

Killington Recap

Sorry I couldn't post more during the weekend - just couldn't make the technology work.

Dear Team Indiana or Hoosier Daddies or Bending for a Cure (as you can tell we are in need of a catchy name, Team Indiana just doesn't quite do it, so give that some thought on your next long ride),

We had a great trip to Killington, Vermont, despite the wet weather (more about that later). I wanted to thank the Indiana riders for being great fun and making it yet another memorable adventure. I want to give a special thanks to Dawn for coming out with us to keep us entertained and to cheer us on; was great to see your smiling face at the Warren rest stop and to hear the cow bell and I know Mark appreciated the dry clothes, even if you couldn't help given your one arm situation. Thanks to our elf, Joel, for his enthusiasm, starting on Thursday at the Indianapolis airport going all the way through Saturday's celebration - always glad to meet a fellow Journey fan, although could have done without the lemon drop. To Mark & Chad, it was great to finally meet you, definitely true Team Indiana members and thanks for dragging Joel along on the ride. Kevin, so glad you decided to join the ride and I'm glad to hear you will be back - I told you we should have stayed out longer on the rained out training ride, we needed the practice. It was also great to see Ted S's smiling face more than once, in fact I believe I have a photo of him and didn't even realize I had taken it.

As far as the actual ride, well I'm sure that you will hear plenty of stories once we get our bikes back and can ride with you, but here is a recap. It started raining at 10pm on Friday night as we went to bed. It was raining at 5am when we got up. At 6am they postponed the start from 7am to 8am and guess what, it was raining at 8am, but "the heavy stuff wouldn't come done for a few hours." The temperature was 55 at the start. Everyone had every bit of cold weather gear they could scrap together, I for one had 5 layers on. The first 12 miles was basically downhill which was a bit scary in the rain. They sent us off in 3 groups with coaches controlling the pace. I was asked to head down in the middle of pack 2. One lady riding with me said this was the most she had ever used her brakes. There were no incidences on the hill despite the fact that the rain continued. From the 1st rest stop at 12 miles we had rolling hills, plenty of green moutains, oh yeah and rain. The traffic wasn't bad, but there were some very rude drivers along with some very nice ones. We had a small section of gravel to cross (you guys will need to stop harrassing me about the training rides that involve gravel - I'm just trying to prepare you) and then more rolling hills to the second and then third stop which was at about 30 miles. From there we had an uphill climb that was about 2 miles long, abit like the hill in Death Valley, although slightly different scenery. Then there was some more downhill and then a slight uphill to Warren where we found Dawn. At this point the course did a 20 mile loop that I didn't take, I'll let the guys tell you about that, but my understanding is that there were some real hills in that section. Then it was back the way we came, which meant some uphill before we got to the downhill and did I mention the rain kept stopping and starting. The rest stops were quiet as I came through with those who were cutting it short having already turned around and those who had done the loop still a bit behind me, although slowly catching me one by one. The rain seemed to clear between the 2nd & 1st rest stop, but the temperature didn't get above 60 and I never saw the sun or my JDRF jersey for that matter. Then it was time for the 12 mile climb. I did the first part with Chad, Mark & Joel who had caught up with me and then a part with Julie from Minneapolis who was trying to do a metric century on her very heavy hybrid bike. The uphill was relentless and about 5 miles out she had to stop and climb in the SAG vehicle. Good timing on her part because just after that the hills got steeper and I can only describe them as brutal. I saw on the road going up one of the final hills writing that said VT IS NOT FLAT - don't need to tell me. The finish line was a relatively quiet because no one wanted to stand around in the rain and it was a mile from the resort where we were staying, but there were some great volunteers cheering you in and taking your bike. Check out my photos:

Despite the rain, it was a beautiful and challenging ride and the spirit of the ride was the same as every other Ride to Cure, infectious and encouraging and full of life. Once again, I am grateful to have been able to participate and to do so with some incredible people - Dawn, Kevin, Chad, Mark, Joel & Ted, you are my heros.

Coach Alex

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Luck Vermont Riders!

Have fun and ride well! We'll be thinking of you!

I look forward to hearing your stories of the first JDRF ride in Vermont!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Coach's Weekly Update - August 24, 2009

On Thursday, Chad, Mark, Kevin S, Joel, Dawn & I will be heading to Vermont for our Ride to Cure Diabetes. We will send a full report next week and if I can work it out we may post some things while we are away.

We will have our normal Tuesday ride at Southwestway Park starting at 6pm. The park is off Mann Road (park on the westside of the road). This is a 25 mile hilly route.

On Thursday I encourage you all to attend the Neboridge CIBA ride at 6pm. There are 4 different groups, so you should be able to find a pace that suits you. The route is flat and the groups go anywhere from 17-30 miles. Neboridge Bike Shop is located in the southeast corner of 106th & Michigan Rd. Wear your JDRF jersey if you have one.

There will be no ride organized by me this weekend, since I'll be in Vermont, but here are some CIBA rides ( that I would encourage you to take advantage of:

Saturday, August 29th 9am - 18, 32 and 62 miles - A little further south starting point is rewarded by light traffic, beautiful country and some HILLS!!
DIRECTIONS TO START: From I-465 on the south side of Indy, take SR-37 south to Martinsville. Turn left on Mahalasville Rd. (Ohio St) Road turns to the left. Go 1/2 mile to South Elementary School on the left.

Sunday, August 30th 8am - appx 20, 40 and 60 miles - Ride starts in Fishers and travels to Lapel then thru Pendleton and Fortville.
DIRECTIONS TO START: I-69 North to Exit 10, turn right onto SR238, then left (South) on Olio Rd. Start location is on your left (East). Three story building.

Sunday, August 30th 4pm - dinner ride, 25-30 miles - Start from Northwestway Park and ride to the restaurant. This is a social GT style ride at 14 MPH.
DIRECTIONS TO START: Exit I465 at W 71st St. Go east to Zionsville Rd. Turn south on Zionsville Rd to West 62nd St. Turn (left) east on W 62nd St to the park entrance on the right.
Next week is our monthly assault on the Neboridge ride so I encourage everyone to try and make it.

Down the road!
Coach Alex

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's all about performance!

You have to check out this video, it is very funny.

100 miles Ride - August 15th

I'm a bit slow in getting to this post, but needed to download the photos. This one is of Bob & Dan at the start of our ride - I'm grateful those two showed up to join me, would have been lonely doing it by myself. The rest of the photos can be found at (start on #33) or click on the Team Indiana links on the lefthand side of the blog and select 2009 training rides.

It was a warm day, but manageable and good training for Death Valley (too bad I'm going to Vermont). We headed west up to the outskirts of Zionsville and enjoyed apple fritters at Starbucks, then we joined part of the CIBA route from last week and made our way up to Lebanon where we enjoyed a stop at the BP (next year we will go a mile further and stop at Casey's). Then we headed north, taking a tour of the junior high parking lot and then making our way to Strawtown road. Unfortunately our next turn would have been onto a gravel road (what is it with the people between Lebanon & Frankfort and their gravel roads) so we re-routed to SR 39 earlier than planned and made our way up to Frankfort and our second BP, except this one was closed so we headed back to the one we had passed 1/2 mile before that had the laundry mat. It was also across the road from a hospital - not sure if that was good news or not. The little girls in the store were intrigued by our biking shoes and we were intrigued by the tattooed lady that came into the store. A slight breeze had started from the southeast, too bad that was exactly where we were headed. We managed a pace line for a good 15 miles, but then it became too hard to concentrate. We were happy to arrive in Sheridan for a stop at the Speedway (next time Bob we will stop at the DairyQueen). From there we headed south through Lamong, Eagletown and then back onto Springmill for the final 7 miles. I was right at 100 miles when I got off my bike at Holliday Park - very happy to see Stacey, Liz & Dawn.
We enjoyed a wonderful picnic with the Youth Ambassadors and I for one am ready to hit the hills of Vermont.

Thanks again to Bob & Dan for joining me on this adventure.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rides for This Week

We have had a slight change in the schedule since I sent out the message last week.

We will have our weekday training ride on TUESDAY instead of Wednesday. We will still meet at 6pm at 79th (Fox Rd) and Oaklandon.

On Wednesday we will be having our month Ride Committee meeting at 6pm at the JDRF office.

On Thursday is the usual Neboridge CIBA ride starting at 6pm. This ride leaves from behind the Neboridge bike shop (southeast corner of 106th & Michigan).

This weekend there will be no organized rides, but as usual there are some CIBA rides that I would encourage you to take advantage of (
Saturday 8/22 - 40 mile breakfast ride on southside 8am start
Saturday 8/22 - 15, 41 0r 68 mile ride on westside 8am start
Sunday 8/23 - 18, 30, 48 mile ride on northside 8am start

Those of you going to Whitefish, this is your last opportunity for a long ride, so take advantage.

Coach Alex

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CIBA ride photos

I finally uploaded the CIBA ride photos. Check out those and other photos from this year at the Indiana Photos Link on the lefthand side of the blog.

Great Ride Lads!!

Ted, Tony, Gary and I rode out to Observatory Hill last night and I just want to say that a great time was had by all :) At least speaking for myself

I missed Kevin being there to encourage me to stop my belly aching over aches and pains.

Ted, Tony and Gary were probably thinking that they wished I could suffer more silently (grin) but we were able to dodge the rain drops and have a very productive hill ride.

I won't be riding with you guys again until next week, since after my ride tonight, I am going to try to get as recovered as I can for my Olympic Triathlon on Sunday morning.

Peace, love and happy pedaling

CU Saturday at Holiday Park for the send off party!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Training for Death Valley

Death Valley riders,
Since our Vermont & Montana rides are fast approaching I have been thinking about what happens after that and rest assured, I will not desert you. I have put together a Death Valley training schedule (go to the 3rd tab); you can also get to this document by clicking the Training Schedule link on the left hand side of the blog. Most of you are well ahead of where you need to be, so I'm not concerned, but you will need to keep up with the riding. Since I won't have my bike from Aug. 20th to about Sept. 10th I've listed CIBA rides that might be of interest. I will plan to organize our regular weekday rides, although may need some help from a few of you. I will plan to organize a 90 mile ride on Sept. 12th and the HOPE ride is Sept. 19th and I know a number of you will plan to do that ride. After that I'm out of the country, but I can always provide you with some routes.
Pedal on!
Coach Alex

Monday, August 10, 2009

Stung by Killer Bees -- redux

See Michael's post from July 24 about his killer B experience... that was me last Thursday, watching the group pull away. Nothing like humbly getting dropped to keep things in perspective. Hoping to stay with the group longer this week...

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the south side on Tuesday. Observatory Hill anyone?

Coach's Weekly Update - August 10, 2009

Wow! Welcome to Indiana summer, not sure where it has been all year, but it has surely showed up now. This means everyone needs to be very conscious about how much water they are drinking during the rides - 2 water bottles is a must.

Tuesday, August 11th we will do our Southwestway Park ride. We will leave at 6pm, meet in the parking lot on the west side of Mann road.

Thursday, August 13th there will be the usual CIBA ride at Neboridge.

Saturday is the big day. We will be doing a 100 mile ride leaving from Holliday Park (6363 Springmill Rd) at 7am - yes I know it is early. If you want to do less that 100 miles that is possible, just call or email me and we will work it out. Following the ride is the Youth Ambassador picnic, all riders are invited.

Next Wednesday, August 19th we will do the ride from 79th (Fox Rd) & Oaklandon, leaving at 6pm for 20 miles.

After that I will be without my bike, but don't worry, I'll make sure you have plenty of ride opportunities, most likely utilizing the CIBA rides.

Vermont riders will be heading out on August 27th.

Stay cool and I'll see you all down the road.

Coach Alex

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lost in Translation

We had a nice turnout for the Neboridge ride on Thursday (Kevin S, Gary, Michael, Dan & I). Dan & I got dropped pretty early from the Honey Bees and then proceeded to take a wrong turn and ended up at US431 which we were pretty sure we weren't supposed to cross. We turned around and made our way back, ending up with about 15 miles, so not bad.

Today the same group, plus Kevin G, showed up for the CIBA ride and we figured out where we went wrong. The CIBA ride rode over part of the Neboridge route and used similar markings, plus a Z on its side looks like a N. Nice to know that we aren't completely clueless. We had a great ride, so challenging hills and as always some wind.

Nice job everyone!

Doesn't sound like too many folks are interested in riding Sunday afternoon and it is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT (that was exactly what the weather girl said). I'm heading out at 7am on Sunday morning from my house downtown, if you want to join me or meet up give me a call. Otherwise I'll see you on Tuesday at Southwestway Park and/or Saturday at Holliday Park.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Coach's Weekly Update

Once again, great job on the CIBA ride, both the organizers and participants.

For everyone who has asked, Dawn is doing well. She goes back to the doctor in 2 weeks and at that point will know how the bones are healing and what the next steps are. For now she is resting at home, getting out once in a while for a bit of company.

For the Vermont & Montana folks we are closing in on the big ride, just a few more weeks for some serious riding, so keep it up.

Here is the scoop on up-coming rides:
Thursday, August 6th
We are planning our monthly assault on the Neboridge CIBA ride. This ride leaves at 6pm from behind the Neboridge Bike Shop (one of our partner ride shops) which is located in the southeast corner of 106th & Michigan. If you have a JDRF jersey be sure to wear it.

Saturday, August 8th
We are scheduled to do a 50 mile ride and will be taking advantage of another CIBA ride which leaves at 8am from Zionsville West Middle School (Take I-65 Northwest of Indianapolis to SR 334 – Zionsville Exit. Head East toward Zionsville on SR 334 approximately one mile to the second left at CR 700 East. Turn north onto CR 700 East for approximately ¾ of a mile. School will be on your right.) We will be doing the F & Z loops. Check out for more information.

After the ride, we will head to DC's Pub, 6537 SR 334 for some brunch.

Sunday, August 9th
If you are an early riser and want to get your riding over & done with, I would suggest the CIBA ride (directions: Take US 31 North to 161st Street, turn left (west) past Spring Mill Road, school will be on your left). Otherwise, we will be having an organized ride at 1pm starting from downtown (10th & Park, Church parking lot on the northside of street). Our most likely route is to head northeast up towards Giest, so those of you who live there might want to ride down to meet us or meet us halfway - let me know and we can coordinate.

Tuesday, August 11th
We will have 25 mile hill training ride leaving at 6pm from Southwestway Park (off Mann Rd, meet in the parking lot on the west side of the road).

Saturday, August 15th
We are doing a 100 mile ride, leaving at 7am from Holliday Park (6363 Springmill Rd). The ride will be similar to the 100 mile ride we did last year, except with no gravel road. We will head a little south, then west, then north, ultimately up to Frankfurt before heading back east to Sheridan and down Springmill. For those who don't want to do 100 miles I can customize a bit, as long as you tell me in advance and give me a feel for how long you want to ride. The rider/youth ambassador party will be following the ride at Holiday Park.

Don't forget about fundraising. If you sent out an email or letter a while ago, now is a good time for another message to keep everyone updated on your riding progress. Include everyone, even folks that have already donated because they will appreciate knowing that your are still pedaling.

That's all for now.


THANK YOU Bob & Dan!

A HUGE thank you to Bob Karnak for organizing the JDRF sponsored CIBA ride yesterday. Thanks also to Dan Baize for being the self-proclaimed gopher and helping Bob gather everything that was needed for the ride. We had great weather, a great route, great rest stops (with awesome volunteers) and a good turn out (over 40 riders). We will be doing this again, so stay tuned for details. If anyone who did attend has any feedback or would like to help out with the next one, please let me know. I have a few photos that I'll post later today.

Thanks again to Bob & Dan - Great Job!

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