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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lost in Translation

We had a nice turnout for the Neboridge ride on Thursday (Kevin S, Gary, Michael, Dan & I). Dan & I got dropped pretty early from the Honey Bees and then proceeded to take a wrong turn and ended up at US431 which we were pretty sure we weren't supposed to cross. We turned around and made our way back, ending up with about 15 miles, so not bad.

Today the same group, plus Kevin G, showed up for the CIBA ride and we figured out where we went wrong. The CIBA ride rode over part of the Neboridge route and used similar markings, plus a Z on its side looks like a N. Nice to know that we aren't completely clueless. We had a great ride, so challenging hills and as always some wind.

Nice job everyone!

Doesn't sound like too many folks are interested in riding Sunday afternoon and it is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT (that was exactly what the weather girl said). I'm heading out at 7am on Sunday morning from my house downtown, if you want to join me or meet up give me a call. Otherwise I'll see you on Tuesday at Southwestway Park and/or Saturday at Holliday Park.


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