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Saturday, August 28, 2010

There is no "I" in "TEAM"

What a great ride, 80.5 miles of cycling fun with my JDRF team mates. The goal of the day was to boost our endurance and to spend a few more hours preparing ourselves for riding in Death Valley in October.

More importantly, it was an exercise in team building and cooperation. We spent a good portion of the ride practicing strategies like pace line riding and echelon formations. These are ways of working together which allow any one rider to be stronger because of his reliance on his team mates to give him a rest, and in turn be the strength they need when they rest. Like geese flying south, we position ourselves in ways so that we can block the wind for each other or draft in a sweet spot behind someone's wheel. By taking turns, we can go faster, stronger, and longer than any one of us could individually.

It occurred to me as I rode today that my pace line didn't just consist of the cyclists who were there with me. It also consists of all of the many friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers who support me in my training every day, whether it's by donating money, praying for my well-being while I'm on the road, or just by encouraging me every step of the way. A great many people are part of the Indiana Cure Chasers, whether they are an official or unofficial part of my team.

The day was a perfect one, with incredible weather to cheer us. My favorite part was Tony's mad dash sprint away from the very scary barking (wagging) labrador. It was extremely thoughtful of him to offer himself up for the sake of the group and try to get the dog to chase him instead of us....wink wink. There was a bit of grumbling about a few unexpected miles of gravel road. It wasn't pleasant, but as Coach Alex says, it's good training for the rough roads in Death Valley.

All in all, today I am thankful for Mike's stellar leadership, Kate's navigational skills, Danny's cheerful good humor, Tony's competitive edge, Sam's well-stocked med kit, and Kelly's enthusiasm. What a great ride today, the Indiana Cure Chasers rock!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Southwestway is the only way!

One more great ride in the bag last night at SWW!

The weather was perfect and 4 of us headed out at 6 sharp.

Kate, Tony, Patty (Kate's guest) and myself.

With Road construction, we are varying the route a bit right now to get away from the cobblestones on the way out and it was nice to have the variety!

Kate had a bead pinch flat right after the cobbles, but we were able to get her back up and running in nothing flat :) She went on to climb Observatory Hill for the second week in a row!

Great job Kate!

Tony made the solo break on the way home, right after Centenary Hill and survived to the end.

All in all it looks as if everyone's vertical skills are improving and it was a great ride!

I hope to see the lot of you on Saturday morning at Holiday Park for a nice Flat 80 miles!



Monday, August 23, 2010

a perfect morning for a ride

Danny and I had the loveliest morning yesterday. We met at Broad Ripple, rode downtown and came back along the White River Greenway, then rode up the Monon to the Hagan-Burke trail and finally headed back to Broad Ripple again. 45 miles total, then I had to fly away home for kid responsibilities after. I haven't done much trail riding, and it was very interesting. Dodged pedestrians, saw some awesome dogs, checked out all the miserable looking joggers (I was soooo glad to be on a bike instead), and just enjoyed the time on two wheels. Sometimes I get so focused on being serious about my training that I forget I should take time just to have fun, too. Yesterday was a great reminder of that! What a great ride. :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well...It is now officially a 3 flat weekend.

The trip to Cincinnati...busted cuz of rain and my lack of interest in riding in the rain...
So I road around town and flatted in front of the State Fair.  Fixed it and the new tube did not hold air.  Road precariously down 38th street past the IMA to eventually pick up the White River Parkway trail. 

The Criterium was not well attended downtown yesterday although it was fun to see the riders buzzing by.  There were more than one biker with some road rash.  After a pizza and salad at Bazbeauxs, headed to "The Best Chocolate In Town" for a scrumptious mocha truffle.  Then it was off to home.

Today I went out with Bob K and we covered 68.something miles and by the time I got home I hit 70.  Why..because I round up my gas purchases to whole numbers...and 70 sounded better to me than 68.9.  We visited the Cicero Coffee Company and I have to say that the coffee was SOOOooooo good.  I wanted a to-go cup and an holder.  I/we had a really enjoyable ride, beautiful weather , nice temp and we road the length of Cyntheanne Rd.

I just looked at my bike and the back wheel is, again, flat.  I must not have cleared the culprit or picked up a new one...not sure.  Anyway...glad I'm at home with that flat instead of out.

I hope everyone's rides were enjoyable and rewarding.  Ride on!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A few great rides... despite the heat

Despite all the hot weather, we've had some great rides this past week.

Last weekend, Mark, Sam and I rode the Zionsville CIBA ride. Mark and I got some extra miles riding there and back, then with Sam we did two full loops (including Fishback!) and a partial third. Mark and I got 75+ miles and Sam got 60. Great job!

It's also nice to see so many JDRF riders at the Thursday night Nebo Ridge ride every week. Michael, Kate, Tony and Kevin S. are almost always there, no matter how hot. Pretty cool this week that I got to talk about JDRF and our rides with a woman from Bicycling magazine. She was in town for the two races this weekend (the Mass Ave and West Clay criteriums) and happened to be standing right next to me before the ride started. Maybe we'll see a story? The ride itself was good, though hot and humid. Kevin seemed to keep pace with the big group, but Michael and I worked with some other riders at the back of the pack to keep a good pace. Always nice to have some help on that ride.

And last, Mark and I did about 70 miles on Saturday, riding from Carmel, up past Kirklin and back. No hills, but lots of good miles and chances to sprint away from dogs, one of which was sure he could outrun us and another that jumped a fence for the chance to run after us. Maybe we should start packing some doggie treats?

Great Ride in Morgan Monroe

Great hill training today at Morgan Monroe State Forest! We did multiple 16 mile loops, Lisa climbed Bean Blossum in record time and Tony did a double!

Sure it was hot and we would have liked a little cooler weather but people in ...... want ice water, we had ice water :)

Great ride and we will be doing it again in 2 weeks with a few more miles, Lisa did 64 at least, probably more like 68 (her computor was messing up) I am pretty sure that G got 32 (Like Tony G- his cure chaser posse handle) I got 78, and of course we drank lots of "Brawndo" it's got electrolites!

I almost forgot to mention that I got stung by a bee on my last trip up Bean Blossum. I put Bag Balm on it just like Karnak always suggests, but the bee didn't seem to go for it?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Saturday Aug 14 Training Ride

I'll be leaving my place near 63rd and Sunnyside tomorrow morning around 8 am for about a 60 mile ride. The destination is to be determined but there will be a stop for breakfast. Let me know if you are interested in joining me. 317-908-9452.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Luck in Wisconsin!

Good Luck to the six Indiana Cure Chasers who will be riding in Wisconsin this weekend.  We look forward to hearing all about it.

Ride like the wind!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"That was the longest 60 miles ever, Bob"

Me trying to get all of us in one picture...and not being successful!
What a great day yesterday was for riding!  I arrived at Bob Berger's house at the usual Saturday morning ride time of 8am.  Bob Karnak wasn't far behind.  Saturday morning rides always includes breakfast and generally head into the wind.

As we are driving out of Bob Berger's subdivision Bob K says, "Well our target is New Castle.  I didn't know how far New Castle was...but just knew that it was east and the training schedule called for around 65 miles today...

The ride out was uneventful with good road.  We arrived at the corner of SR3 and SR38 in New Castle about 11am, ready for breakfast.  Bob K looked at his odometer, which read 38.9 and said, Whoa! that's further than Google maps predicted."  We looked around and Bob K was ready for some fast food and getting back on the road.  Bob Berger wanted a little bit of local fare (which I am a fan of too) and got us all headed BACK up the hill towards the Diner 38 we passed about a half mile or so.  Diner 38 was it.  We were greeted by very friendly locals who were interested in our journey and especially the 'rear view mirror' on my glasses.  A couple of omelets, eggs and coffee later and we were back on the road. 

We headed south on Greensboro Pike through a really pretty stretch of rolling hills and then it started to happen.  Bob B's omelet was not sitting well with him.  Bob fought the Diner 38 omelet for at least 20 miles.  (I'm thinking that Bob K was thinking that that local fare might not have been the best choice for several reasons.)  Well, Bob won the fight and the omelet did not get the best of him.  While rolling into Oaklandon and looking at the odometer than now read 76 miles and we weren't home yet, Bob B commented..."Bob, that was the longest 60 miles ever".  We topped out at 77.7 miles...not bad for a Saturday breakfast ride.

Hope everyone's rides were safe and FUN!
Almost Home - Death Valley Bob

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot and Hilly Tuesday

Sam, Tony and I had a great ride Tuesday!

Sure it was hot (more like an aquabike) but we got in a good 28 mile ride.

Sam rode from home, so Tony and I ended up catching her on our way back from Observatory and we all rode in together, completely soaked, but feeling great.

Another hill training session in the bag, and they don't come any hotter than this one was....... except maybe Death Valley..... But it's a dry heat

Come one, come all next week!



Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday's CIBA/JDRF Ride

Just a note to let you all know that for however briefly, it was great to see all of you on Sunday and the ride was a bit more of a work out than I bargained for :)

The ride was very well marked and the SAGs were well spaced and staffed with ....mostly pleasent people.... (grin)..... I totally enjoyed myself! Bob K told me to ride carefully every time that he saw me and that he did not want to have to pick me up off the road, so all in all I think that we can count the ride a success!!!

None the less, I took Monday off and will be riding hills tonight out of Southwestway Park with who ever ends up showing up.

Keep on Riding!!!


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