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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well...It is now officially a 3 flat weekend.

The trip to Cincinnati...busted cuz of rain and my lack of interest in riding in the rain...
So I road around town and flatted in front of the State Fair.  Fixed it and the new tube did not hold air.  Road precariously down 38th street past the IMA to eventually pick up the White River Parkway trail. 

The Criterium was not well attended downtown yesterday although it was fun to see the riders buzzing by.  There were more than one biker with some road rash.  After a pizza and salad at Bazbeauxs, headed to "The Best Chocolate In Town" for a scrumptious mocha truffle.  Then it was off to home.

Today I went out with Bob K and we covered 68.something miles and by the time I got home I hit 70.  Why..because I round up my gas purchases to whole numbers...and 70 sounded better to me than 68.9.  We visited the Cicero Coffee Company and I have to say that the coffee was SOOOooooo good.  I wanted a to-go cup and an holder.  I/we had a really enjoyable ride, beautiful weather , nice temp and we road the length of Cyntheanne Rd.

I just looked at my bike and the back wheel is, again, flat.  I must not have cleared the culprit or picked up a new one...not sure.  Anyway...glad I'm at home with that flat instead of out.

I hope everyone's rides were enjoyable and rewarding.  Ride on!

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  1. I like the round up your ride idea Kate.... is it ok for me to round anything over 75 up to 100 (grin)

    Way to tough out the weather and the flats and great job on observatory last week!


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