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Sunday, August 8, 2010

"That was the longest 60 miles ever, Bob"

Me trying to get all of us in one picture...and not being successful!
What a great day yesterday was for riding!  I arrived at Bob Berger's house at the usual Saturday morning ride time of 8am.  Bob Karnak wasn't far behind.  Saturday morning rides always includes breakfast and generally head into the wind.

As we are driving out of Bob Berger's subdivision Bob K says, "Well our target is New Castle.  I didn't know how far New Castle was...but just knew that it was east and the training schedule called for around 65 miles today...

The ride out was uneventful with good road.  We arrived at the corner of SR3 and SR38 in New Castle about 11am, ready for breakfast.  Bob K looked at his odometer, which read 38.9 and said, Whoa! that's further than Google maps predicted."  We looked around and Bob K was ready for some fast food and getting back on the road.  Bob Berger wanted a little bit of local fare (which I am a fan of too) and got us all headed BACK up the hill towards the Diner 38 we passed about a half mile or so.  Diner 38 was it.  We were greeted by very friendly locals who were interested in our journey and especially the 'rear view mirror' on my glasses.  A couple of omelets, eggs and coffee later and we were back on the road. 

We headed south on Greensboro Pike through a really pretty stretch of rolling hills and then it started to happen.  Bob B's omelet was not sitting well with him.  Bob fought the Diner 38 omelet for at least 20 miles.  (I'm thinking that Bob K was thinking that that local fare might not have been the best choice for several reasons.)  Well, Bob won the fight and the omelet did not get the best of him.  While rolling into Oaklandon and looking at the odometer than now read 76 miles and we weren't home yet, Bob B commented..."Bob, that was the longest 60 miles ever".  We topped out at 77.7 miles...not bad for a Saturday breakfast ride.

Hope everyone's rides were safe and FUN!
Almost Home - Death Valley Bob


  1. Route was a "little" longer than expected and they cut me out of the picture. That's life!

  2. You guys rock. Will join you for a breakfast ride again one of these days. :)

  3. Former Coach Dennis taught me well.


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