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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A few great rides... despite the heat

Despite all the hot weather, we've had some great rides this past week.

Last weekend, Mark, Sam and I rode the Zionsville CIBA ride. Mark and I got some extra miles riding there and back, then with Sam we did two full loops (including Fishback!) and a partial third. Mark and I got 75+ miles and Sam got 60. Great job!

It's also nice to see so many JDRF riders at the Thursday night Nebo Ridge ride every week. Michael, Kate, Tony and Kevin S. are almost always there, no matter how hot. Pretty cool this week that I got to talk about JDRF and our rides with a woman from Bicycling magazine. She was in town for the two races this weekend (the Mass Ave and West Clay criteriums) and happened to be standing right next to me before the ride started. Maybe we'll see a story? The ride itself was good, though hot and humid. Kevin seemed to keep pace with the big group, but Michael and I worked with some other riders at the back of the pack to keep a good pace. Always nice to have some help on that ride.

And last, Mark and I did about 70 miles on Saturday, riding from Carmel, up past Kirklin and back. No hills, but lots of good miles and chances to sprint away from dogs, one of which was sure he could outrun us and another that jumped a fence for the chance to run after us. Maybe we should start packing some doggie treats?

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