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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great Ride in Morgan Monroe

Great hill training today at Morgan Monroe State Forest! We did multiple 16 mile loops, Lisa climbed Bean Blossum in record time and Tony did a double!

Sure it was hot and we would have liked a little cooler weather but people in ...... want ice water, we had ice water :)

Great ride and we will be doing it again in 2 weeks with a few more miles, Lisa did 64 at least, probably more like 68 (her computor was messing up) I am pretty sure that G got 32 (Like Tony G- his cure chaser posse handle) I got 78, and of course we drank lots of "Brawndo" it's got electrolites!

I almost forgot to mention that I got stung by a bee on my last trip up Bean Blossum. I put Bag Balm on it just like Karnak always suggests, but the bee didn't seem to go for it?

1 comment:

  1. Mike neglected to mention that he climbed Bean Blossom not once or twice, but FIVE times. Wow.


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