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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jim Malone's attempt at a Century at JDRF Nashville 1 Nov 2014

The event was a smashing success even though I did not achieve my personal goal of a Century (more on that tale later). We had over 250 riders from 32 states and Canada. Collectively we raised over $850,000 for diabetes research, searching for a cure of type 1 diabetes. Thanks again to all of my supporters who enabled me to raise 110% of my personal goal of $3,000. I could not have done it without my 60 supporters (family, friends and colleagues).

I have only a minor disappointment of not reaching my riding goal of 100 miles. I gave it my best effort but came up 5 miles short of the Finish Line (actually 97 miles on the Garmin - see my miserable stats at First, the weather was brutal, 38-48F, with gusty swirling winds of 20-30 mph. The morning was cloudy and cold. Finally in the early afternoon the sun came out intermittently that helped our psyches somewhat. I was happy to make the 50 mile mark (see photo on the link below), thinking that the way back would have less hills and less wind (wrong on both accounts). I knew I was in trouble when I left the port-o-potty with my riding shorts around my ankles (the brain is first to go). Later I encountered some rough pavement and ended riding down an embankment into someone's driveway (coordination is next to go). Finally with 5 miles to go I encountered yet another hill (where did that one come from?) and decided to take an unscheduled break. Laying down on the grass to catch my breath a SAG truck came along sure that I had passed out. He didn't take no for an answer and whisked me to the Finish Line. It's a good thing he did because there were several more hills that would have killed me. I was completely out of gas. I sheepishly rode to the Finish Line from the parking lot. 

Oh well there's always next year!

Jim at Start Line

Jim at Finish Line

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