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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A New Year and a New Look

I Love the new look of the Blog!!!

I am very happy that I am getting to see my team mates during this off season at the various fund raisers.

I also am excited to get started training with them again as the month of January has been tough with work commitments and now a case of the creeping crud keeping me from participating in spin classes.

I was thrilled to send 2010 on it's way with a great New Year's Eve ride with Sam and Lisa, leaving out of SWW park. We had a beautiful day, a wonderful ride and great time together!

I talked to Tony last week at the Conseco Fund Raiser (he is the one who clued me into the fact that NYE might be a great day for a ride) and I understand that he was able to sneak away from his hectic work schedule and squeeze in a few miles that day as well.

See you all soon comrades and comradets!


I am looking forward to spending more time in training and on the road with the team over the coming months, Great Job in 2010 everyone!


  1. Great look on the page! Good job.

  2. Great blog and looking forward to keeping more in touch, after meeting Mike recently at the Adult Type 1 D-Meetup! Can't believe this one got by me, but it's another great voice and resource in the ever-expanding Diabetes Online Community! Thanks for writing and sharing.


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