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Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Update from Coach Alex - May 18th

Introducing Todd & Amy Schmidt
Todd & Amy (she is the one in the photo) are rookie riders. They are riding for their son Will, age 3, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 15 months. Todd is a physician and Amy is a registered nurse who is currently a stay at home mom to Will, his sister Sophie who is 14 months old, and their black lab Maggie who is 3. Through their participation in the ride they hope to increase awareness of JDRF, get in shape and meet some great people. Amy is originally from Atlanta and admits she is afraid of the dark. Todd was born in Michigan and brews his own beer (maybe we will have to visit Todd & Amy after a ride). We are thrilled to have Todd & Amy joining us and look forward to seeing them out on the road.

We had a nice sunny day for the Morse Lake Metric on Sunday and some challenging wind to keep us honest. Dawn & I had a great 35 mile ride (that's right I'm back on the bike) and I'm sure Dan, Gary & Bob enjoyed their 62 miles as well as plenty of cookies.

This week Bob is leading a ride on Wednesday from 79th (Fox Rd) and Oaklandon at 6pm. Hopefully the rain will stay away this time. They will be riding 15-20 miles. If you plan to join Bob drop him an email or call him.

We do not have any organized rides this weekend, but there are CIBA ( rides Saturday, Sunday and Monday so I encourage you to take advantage of them.
  • Saturday 9am Fishback Academy 8301 W. 86th St. 20, 40, or 60 miles
  • Sunday 9am BGI South 997 E. County Line Rd 14, 33, 51 or 64 miles
  • Monday 8am Shamrock Springs Elementary 747 W. 161st St. 17, 35, 55 or 75 miles

Next Tuesday, May 26th Kevin will be leading another ride from Southwestway Park at 6pm. This will also be 15-20 miles and has some great hills to practice on.

In addition to all the training I hope you are also working on fundraising. After all that is why we are all doing this. If you have having any trouble with fundraising or need some good ideas, contact Stacey or Kate Luken Wharpool and they can help you out.

Stay safe!

Coach Alex

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Indiana Cure Chasers 2010
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