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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wow...Back to Work!

It was only just over a week ago and we were in the sunny, hot I'm back at work and the day's events seem to make the memories fade just a little...but only in the details around the edges...not the feelings or the experience that is in my bones...

I thought I would add a link to the photos I put up on Shutterfly...let me know if you want any full files, I will send them via email.
Link to Shutterfly Photos

While the whole experience was just really really awesome, there are a couple of very fond memories and lessons that I thought I would share.

Coming down from Jublilee Pass was simply exhilarating.  I found myself full of emotion and then leaking it out through some tears...the tears of release, joy, gratitude, and compassion for those that do live with Type 1 everyday.  I didn't want that 7 miles descent to end it was so beautiful.  I'm don't think that I have words for the feelings and if I tried they would probably be inadequate.  BUT the big joy I had coming down the hill happened about 1/2 way down when two bikers came up from behind yelling, "ON YOUR LEFT!!"  Low and behold is was DVBob and someone else screaming down the hill, blowing by me.  I LOVED that!  While Bob conveyed just the night before that he was trying to out run old age, there was no old age anywhere near that spirit that day.  For me, it was watching a little kid with hands off the bar, screaming into the free fall, really free.  I don't know what it was like for you Bob, but it was sheer joy to watch.

The other memory was between the check point that I don't remember and Badwater where Scott, Kate and I came upon a rider stopped by the side of the road, alone.  In the process of slowing and stopping to check on her, Kate ran into Scott and I narrowly avoided Kate.  Scott, in his caring, kind voice was asking..."oh honey, are you ok?  Sweetie, are you ok?" ...are you ok?  Kate after successfully bobbing and hopping and playing hopscotch with her bike, pauses for a minute, pops up like a jack in the box, assesses herself and announces, "I'm OK!,  I think I'm ok!"  Almost as if the words convinced her that it was so.  I don't know why but it just brought me joy...maybe because I had a moment where I thought our threesome might become a twosome and a twosome was just not in my vision for the day.  I was glad that the now out of true bike wheel cooperated on the way back and that determination carried us through.

There's so much along the way...little things here and there...the people who fed us, the awesome young lady, who is a total giver, who slathered sun screen on all bikers.  She didn't care if they were hairy, smooth, sweaty or hot or clammy...she just slathered all of us.  We were all so well supported.

I think the biggest lesson for me was related to relying on others.  I can be such a loan wolf at times with my, "I can do it myself" mantra.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  I was supported all weekend and all during the ride by awesome human beings.  I said to Kate and Scott as we left Badwater for the last 18 miles home, "I need you guys."  Scott said, "we need you too."  So we rode together, me a little slower at times, but together until we crossed the finish.

I'm really grateful to be associated with such an amazing group of people.  Thank you for being part of my experience. 
Love and hugs! 

Look the poster for 2011!

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