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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ride Team Awards - Nov. 13th

Great to see everyone on Saturday at our Youth Ambassador get together.  For those who were not there, we gave out some fun awards which I've listed below.  If you want an explanation let me know.

Where is my helmet? Award - Dan Baize
Where is my towel? Award - Sam Scahil (1st Indiana Female)
Where is Kelly? Award - Kelly Brake (Indiana Rookie of the Year)
Where's the water? Award - Lisa Blythe (co Indiana Most Improved)
Babysitter Award - Todd & Amy Schmidt
Tool, I mean Machine Award - Gary Martindale
Training Ride Award - Ted Wiese
All hands on deck Award - Kate Luken Warpool
Haunted House Award - Michael Schwab (1st Indiana Rider to the top of Jubilee)
Coffee Cup Circus Trick Award - Kate Eaton (co Indiana Most Improved)
Chief Harraser - Bob Karnak
I Hate to Ride Award (yet I did more rides than anyone) - Joel Russell
Turtle Award - Jeff Greer
Litterbug Award - Ryan Sellers
Hello Susie! Award - Mark Lushell
Brown Nose Award - Scott Crane & Jeff Mullen
Fashionista Award - Tony Gabriel (1st Indiana Rider across the Finish Line)
Embracing the Spandex Award - Kevin Garner
No Kate Left Behind Award - Scott Warpool
Newsworthy Award - Alex Weymouth

1 comment:

  1. Sorry I missed everyone on the weekend! Gary, congratulations on your award. I'm so pleased that I made such a contribution to you this much that it led to a very special award :)


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