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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Death Valley in 3D

Hey DV riders

I was surfing the web looking for some interesting double century rides and stumbled across this 3D map of a double Century that uses part of the ride we will be doing in October  on the Adventure Corps Website (the company that used to produce this event for JDRF)
Also some helpful information about the dryest place on the planet!

If you are a first timer on this ride, check out this information.  Adventure Corp really has their act together for this type of ride and are an excellent resource

Death Valley is a very harsh enviroment, but has a tremendous magesty many of us on the Cure Chasers team going back year after year.

Things to remember for our October ride, this course is not flat, you will need to ride one of our regularly scheduled hill routes on a consistent basis to be well prepared for this ride. (actually it is a good idea to ride hills for any of the JDRF destination rides as all of them have a climbing element that it is important to be prepared for)

Blue Tuesdays are going to be moving to SWW Park starting April 9 so mark your calander and don't miss our first Blue Tuesday real hill ride of 2013!

See you all soon!


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