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Monday, March 11, 2013

This Weekend was a great start to the spring riding season!

We had some great guests on our Saturday and Sunday rides (both out of SWW park)

Saturday, we went to the top of Centenary Hill and returned for a total of 26 miles and a great accomplishment for some hill newbies.  The Weather was great as was the ride and the company!

Sunday, Coach Sam and I went out twice, first time with some Hill Newbies (different than the day before) They showed a lot of determination and in spite of some mechanical issues were able to make it all the way to 144 and then climbed Fox hill on the way back.

We met Fireman Mike when we were almost back to SWW (he had been confused on the start time or the time change and showed up late) and he joined us for the last few miles back to the parking lot.

Coach Sam suggested that we should go out again so that Mike could get his money's worth and so we went back to Fox Hill, where we all did a 3 peat (both sides) and then enjoyed a 20 mph tail wind for the return trip.

In spite of the dire predictions about the weather on Sunday, it was a fantastic day and there was even enough sunshine to get me in trouble with Melissa for forgetting to apply my sunscreen before the ride :(

I hope to be able to see more of the team out as the weather is definitely improving and with the time change we will be doing our regular Blue Tuesday outdoors starting in just a few weeks!

In the meantime, Performance Bike in Greenwood is letting us use their space on Tuesdays (our hill ride)   Thursdays (timed interval workouts - you'll have to show up to find our what we mean by Blazing Saddles)  and on Saturday we are doing endurance pace riding. (either myself or Coach Sam will be leading these sessions)

Anyone who wants to ride early on Saturday (even if it's real cold) I will be leading a few pre indoor training rides, just to get a few more hours in the saddle, very soon.

This training is no substiture for outdoor riding, but it is fun, the company is great and when you finally get on the road, you will be way ahead.

See you soon!


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