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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Great morning for a ride!

Rode 30 miles this morning, mostly on the Monon. Cool temps with light wind and a bit overcast made it a great time for a ride. The Monon was a bit crowded in spots, but still a good ride.

Saw Danny walking (walking?!) on the Monon near Broad Ripple. To his credit he was wearing his 2008 JDRF Team Indiana t-shirt!

Rode the new section of the Monon north of 146th St. It doesn't go far (just north of 156th St.), but is nice, new, smooth pavement.

I won't be able to join the team ride on Wednesday but may do the CIBA ride from Nebo Ridge on Thursday, if the weather cooperates. The storms last Thursday spoiled the possibility of a ride for me... Note that Nebo Ridge now has a Twitter account (shown on their web site or you can follow them on Twitter) so you can track whether or not they plan to ride.

Pedal on!

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