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Friday, June 5, 2009

Great ride at Neboridge Bike Shop

Last night Kevin G., Gary & I were able to participate in the weekly CIBA ride organized by the Neboridge Bike Shop (one of our partner bike shops). Tim, the owner & organizer, even gave a call out to the JDRF group at the intro to the ride which was nice (free advertising). Gary rode in the 3rd group (26 miles, 20mph, paceline), I'll let him fill you in on how that went. Kevin & I rode in the 4th group (17 miles, varied pace). It was a great route, very little traffic, a few rolling hills, all around a great workout. Dan wasn't able to make it because of a family issue, but I'm sure he is planning to attend some other week and will be calling on all of you to join him. This is a free ride open to everyone, so if you live up that way or have another reason to be up that way, take advantage of it, they ride every Thursday at 6pm.

See everyone Saturday at the B&O ride.

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  1. Great ride Thursday night. Faster than what I am used to, but great experience riding in a big group (20+). We worked on a two-wide paceline, first rotating right and then rotating left to manage the wind. It was a great learning experience. We were cruising at about 24 mph in the line.

    Would definitely recommend this ride for any Thursday night. Great route (little traffic), good group, challenging pace.


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