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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Hill Ride Everyone!

Kudos to everyone who rode yesterday from Southwestway!

Lisa got mosquito gassed and wasn't feeling to well but she hung in there with us to Centenary and like a trooper went to the top for the turn arround.

Kate you are an animal, great job pulling and climbing, way to show some intestinal fortitude.

Tony, you are really improving...... and that is all you are getting from me (wink) :)

Also, I am planning to be at SWW every Tuesday for some time to come, if anyone wants to join me on a regular basis. Tony has expressed interest and just doesn't want to ride alone out there. As long as I know that someone else is coming, I will hang around at the start until 6pm, but if I am not expecting anyone, I will be out of there more like 5:15 or 5:30

This Saturday, I am going to do the Holland 100 with Danny and the West Michigan JDRF team. I know that Danny's Brother in Law has offered camping in his back yard, but not being much for camping, I have found a decent hotel within 15 miles that I was able to get a special rate of $39.93 plus tax etc if anyone is interested in the details.

Melissa and I are going up Friday night at 4pm and I have extra room in the bike rack if anyone is interested.

Peace, love and a cure for diabetes

CU on the road team


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  1. I will join you as often as I can manage. Will text you to let you know if I can make it or not on Tuesday afternoons. :) Hopefully better results than last night. I did get an extra inhaler to keep in the bike bag. :P


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