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Sunday, July 4, 2010

the sunrise club: hills with the boys

Danny, Tony, Richard (father of youth ambassador Nick), Michael, and I started the 4th of July off with a bang. An early one.

Despite some initial grumbling because alarms rang too early and the sky looked like this when we left home, we met for some hill work leaving at sunrise.

Tony had some choice words about the ride organizer concerning departure time, but he was the first to arrive. I think he just couldn't pass up the opportunity to practice his patented slingshot technique. The one where he drafts behind me at the base of a hill and then swooshes past at top speed. :)

Danny, on the other hand, was all smiles. He was happy to get his ride in and still have a whole day ahead of him.

Michael's foot has healed enough for him to be on the bike again, but still with his boot. This gave the rest of us an opportunity to feel on more even footing. Even disabled and out of practice, Michael can set the pace.

We set out fairly quickly. I felt good today with speed, but I soon realized that the hills were harder this morning than they have been. Ooops. Someone's been too busy to spend time on strength training at the gym lately, and hasn't been hitting the hills often enough either. I'm sorry to say I felt a big difference. You know what that means....I see more hills in my near future. Still, it was an awesome workout and a fun time with friends. I do love riding with you, gentlemen! Hope you'll meet me again soon.


  1. Nice blog Lisa!

    Great efforts on the hills, just remember rule #5 and all will be well.

    I see that don't have the EC ride until Weds,,,, I think I will go do this ride again and do several repeats on Centenary,,, anyone else game???

  2. I have to say, the only reason I took issue with the early start is because I am not a morning person. On the other hand, I wanted to be done before the Tour started, so it all worked out. It was great doing the hill work. Good for the legs and good for the heart. --Tony

  3. Good for the legs, heart, and soul, I think....


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