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Friday, July 9, 2010

Thanks for a great ride!

This note is a bit tardy, but I wanted to say thanks to Tony, Kevin G., Kevin S., Sarah & Michael for the ride on Wednesday.  Truth be told, I was not very excited about the ride - it was hot, I was tired, I had been sick the day before and I would have much rather gone home and slept on the couch, but since I had the map, I thought I'd better show up.  I actually felt better once I got there and despite being a bit slow intially, I had a great ride.  I would have to say though the best part was Tony's fall.  No I'm not being mean, he and his bike were fine and it was funny to see him lean over onto the grass in slow motion.  I'm feeling much better about riding on Saturday - see everyone there.

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Indiana Cure Chasers 2010
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