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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My A$$!!

Note to self: never ever under any circumstances ride without bike shorts.

Lisa (see previous post) invited me out an impromptu ride this afternoon.  I foolishly didn't wash my shorts Saturday after the ride because I quickly got distracted by other things; plus, I didn't think I would need the shorts again until Tuesday.  Yes, I only have one pair.  Even though I quickly washed them this morning, they weren't even close to dry for my ride with Lisa.  I wore regular work out pants --- a.k.a. the huge riding mistake.

We had a blast!!! It was WAAYY more country riding than I've ever experienced! Super fun!  Can't wait to get out there again Tuesday :)  Let's see if I can conquer those hills!!


  1. But hubby.....I NEED to shop.....really! Just as my bike friends, they'll explain it to you. :)

  2. ooops, that was supposed to say 'ask' my


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