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Monday, June 7, 2010

A beautiful day for a ride!!

Ahhh ... today is PERFECT riding weather.  Shoot, who am I kidding? Today is perfect HEATHER weather :)  Mid-70's, light breeze, bright blue sky and big puffy cumulus clouds in the sky.  Sweet serenity. 

I did the 25 mile B&O trail.  Though, I decided riding alone for that long would be boooorring!!! Fortunately, my BlackBerry has I <3 Radio and I tuned in to Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest!!!  I turned up the volume, fixed my phone so it was stuck in my shirt and pedaled away!!!  It was so beautiful and so fun!!!

About 2/3 of the way through, I go by my aunt and uncle's house.  So, I stopped by knowing my cousins would be home.  I think I freaked their freak when they saw me.  Seriously, my riding gear makes me look like Bret Michaels sister or a band member from White Snake.  Word.  The yellow sweatband is helpful for the SWEAT *as an added bonus it holds my hair whispies out of the way!* and my riding gloves are straight up Miami Vice.  It was fun chatting with my little cousins and I even got to met on of my boy cousins' friends.  Although, I think I totally freaked him out.  I was talking a million miles a minute and pretending to be gangster????  Yeah, it was weird.  I'm gonna blame that craziness on the endorphins and not that fact that I had Vodka in my water bottle.  (I kid! I kid ... or do I??? LOL)

I made it home happily.  Hey, Lisa, this ride was MUCH better than our ride last month :)  Of course this time I had on my riding shorts, and it's about 20 degrees cooler with zero humidity ... unlike last time when the humidity nearly suffocated me out in the country where I thought you took me to die ... :)


  1. LOL, I'm so glad you enjoyed the day. Wish I could have joined you, I totally would have if you'd called a few hours earlier. :) But I'm pleased to say my sushi lunch was divine.......

  2. Heather, you certainly bring a different perspective to riding. Keep posting, I really enjoy your commentary. And the shades are too much!:)


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