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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saturday's CIBA ride

I was on my bike by 7:15am Saturday, a nice relaxing 6 mile ride to the Major Taylor Velodrome; not much traffic and a good hill up 30th St. to get the legs moving. Met up with Tony, Kevin G & Mark and heard that Dan was on his way. As soon as they said start, Tony was off, never saw him again. There was a guy with two dogs in a carrier attached to the back of his bike and the dogs were making all kinds of noise.  Thank goodness we were able to ride faster than him and soon left him and the dogs in our dust.  We wound our way northeast, to some roads we had ridden before, including 79th St. over 465. We had hooked up with a few other folks which was nice, especially when we hit the hills, including Fishback (remember that one Heather). Back on Lafayette we had to stop to help a gentleman who had fallen at the stoplight. Lots of scrapes but nothing too bad and having stopped for the accident, Dan was able to catch up with us. We headed to Zionsville and the first rest stop.  Mark had met two guys who came from Minnesota for the Nite Ride. They were staying at the Gateway hotel on 38th St. (a bit sketchy). Then we headed further west and north to the exciting village of Whitestown, then turned back east and a little further north. Our next stop was at 126th & Towne road.  The wind had picked up and was coming from the south (of course it was because we were heading south). Fortunately there were a few turns east for a break from the wind. Dan left us at 64th St., Mark got a ahead of us in a group, but Kevin & I weren't too far behind and completed the 52 miles before noon.  I then made my way back downtown, a bit more traffic this time, but I got to test out a bit of the new Cultural Trail, which had no traffic on it.  Thanks for the ride guys!

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