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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Networking, JDRF style

Heather beat me to the blog (, but I wanted to tell you about something fun that happened last week. :) I met the fabulous Jill Deak because her son Isaac is a youth ambassador too, and she does all sorts of amazing volunteer work with the JDRF walk and gala. We've run into each other in various JDRF situations. When she found out I was branching out from being 'mother of youth ambassador' to 'JDRF rider', she offered to do a fundraiser for me. Jill also happens to be a Mary Kay consultant. We tried a few times through the winter to line something up, but illness and weather weren't kind to us, so just last week we managed to get some friends together for a spa pampering morning. Jill helped everyone relax and enjoy themselves, and the end result was $109 raised for my JDRF ride instead of the usual free products for the hostess of a Mary Kay party. If you're looking for ways to raise funds, or just need some Mary Kay products yourself, you might want to consider contacting Jill. Guys, you should think about it too! Some of your wives or girlfriends might enjoy a little girl time.

Thanks, Jill, for a fun morning. And for your continued dedication to JDRF in all sorts of ways. You are the best!

Jill's contact info is if any of you want to find her.

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