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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blood, Sweat and Rain

It was a small turnout on Saturday, but Kate and I had a mostly enjoyable ride in the rain.

Things started off a little chilly and I donned my rain jacket for the first time of the year. (Kate had the exact same jacket as I did, so I felt like it was a bit of a fashion faux pas, when I had put it on, but I wanted to stay warm and dry. In retrospect, I should have called ahead to see what jacket she was going to be wearing)

None the less,invoking rules #5 & 9 of the Velomanatti :) we pedaled out through the rain in a generally north western direction in the wind and rain.

It seemed like no time and we arrived at the traditional gas station stop in Sheridan, only to discover that the restrooms were not available. So we went on down the street to this cool little breakfest and bistro, where Kate treated the whole team to coffee and Cafe Americanos. Plus they had nice clean restrooms.
Even Karnak the magnificent would have been impressed with the wonderful array of breakfast items presented on their menu. But we had miles to cover, so we got our coffee to go, shoved our extra water bottles in coat pockets and headed out with steaming coffees in our bottle cages! Reference rule 56

We somehow were following the exact route of the Holliday Park ride from a few weeks ago, but were not really making a conscious effort to go on a particular route as we figured that we were the only ones hearty enough to be out on such a day as this and anyone who could not get out of bed in time to at least catch us in Sheridan, would likely not be out at all.

Of all the rides that I have been on, I do not ever remember so many trios of dogs coming out to give chase. We had our first group just before we got to the place where Tony had tried to save us, by launching a sprint as a distraction, a few weeks ago, then the fence jumping dog that Tony had saved us from came out and ran along side barking and wagging his tail as if to say, "Where is the guy on the Specialized Rooby rooby roo Roubaix that tried to distract me?" Kate and I shouted a few words of encouragement to all the hounds we saw and pedaled on.

We were just finishing off our coffee, and commenting on what a delightful day it was turning out to be, and how we might just stay out for a full Century, when something happened so suddenly that both of us were suprised to find Kate having an upclose and personal meeting with Mother Earth.

Suffice it to say that Kate got the short end of the stick on that one. I thought I took a picture, but just realized today, that I had a technical difficulty and ended up with nothing. Kate was a real trooper and did what our parents always taught us to do when we take a hard knock and she walked it off. I had some stuff in my tool kit that I thought could make the wounds sting a bit more (in the form of a handy wipe) Kate made them sting and as if that was not enought poured sports drink in her wounds just to get a little salt in there.

Invoking rule #5 once again, Kate climbed on her freshly restraightend bike and we cycled on. The next we knew, we were pedaling happily along improving our handling skills on the gravel road from a few weeks ago. (you were right Alex, whatever does not kill us does indeed make us stronger) :)

After the gravel, we deviated from our path as I had discoverd earlier that I was having a wee bit of a problem with my rear wheel and took a short cut back to the Ian's Army bash.

Sure it was in to the wind all the way home, with blinding rain squalls, the dogs quit chasing me and started just going after Kate (I guess because they could smell all that blood) but that just added to the whole adventure, and didn't Kate look tough with all the scrapes (and when I say scrapes, I mean all the way up her leg from the knee up) and blood soaking through her rain jacket (which by now looked considerably different than mine) plus various and sundry bruises, not to mention being covered with road dirt. just a few tenths short of 70 but a good days ride all the same.

Amy fixed us some plates, heaped with Roast Beast, Potato Salad and Slaw from what was left over from the Cactus Grill and we felt warmer.

Hope to see you all next week at the Hope Ride!


  1. Thanks for the details Michael. Sorry about your mishap Kate.

  2. Sorry I missed you guys. I was at the start from 7-7:30. When no one arrived by our designated depart time, I assumed everyone stayed home.

    Sorry about your accident Kate.

  3. I don't know where you could have been Tony, but when I got there at 7:15 Kate was there waiting?

    By the time we got situated with our bright green jackets, we probably left a few minutes late.

    Did you go to West 96th?

    Sorry you missed out :)

    CU tomorrow for some hill time!

  4. If Sam had been along with her awesome med kit, all would have been well. ;) Heal quickly, Kate.

  5. You are too kind Lisa! Sorry to hear about your bike. Michael gave us a brief update. I have been shopping for a bike and have settled on getting carbon frame but now I am concerned after what happened to your bike. The sales guys tell me that carbon lasts forever...


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