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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuesday's ride - No observatory!

Michael is a much better writer than me but I figured I would add a quick note about our ride this past Tuesday (9/14/10).

Gary, Michael, Ted, Tony, and I headed out around 6 pm. Ted just joined our group three weeks ago since the DV ride had an opening for him. He suggested that we go on without him as he was planning to ride slower that day due to not being on the bike much recently.

Gary, Michael, Tony, and I rode out to Brooklyn and decided to try the Robb Hill climb instead of observatory. I headed out for a ride alone last Sunday since I was not able to join the group on Saturday. A group of riders picked me up along the way and showed me the route to Robb Hill. The route was fairly simple however I did manage to miss a turn Tuesday night ;o). We got back on the right path and found the climb. I had to stop for a pitstop at the gas station before we headed up. I told Gary, Michael, and Tony to go on and I will meet them at the top. Michael and Gary explored the other side of the hill which appeared to be a similar grade to the DV climb so we figured it would be good to include this climb on future rides if possible however the nights are getting shorter so it would have to be one of our weekend rides. Robb Hill is longer in length compared to observatory but not as steep.

In the end, I clocked a total of 32 miles at 16.3 miles/hour. We never caught Ted on the way back. He was however in the parking lot and ended up riding a similar pace.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Hope ride tomorrow!

Ride happy!

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