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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hope Ride

Michael, Sam, Tony, Alex, Bob, Dan, Kate W., Scott (Kate and Scott not pictured as they were dealing with bike issues before the start) did the Hope Ride on Saturday. Thanks for joining the MPCC Bikers group in an effort to get $1,000 donation for the Mary Rigg neighborhood center located on the westside of Indianapolis. I don't think we were the biggest team but it was well worth trying.We had many new friends join us on this ride, Marcy who knows many of you all from the Nebo ride. Penny, Christina, David, Brent of the MPCC bikers team. Dan, Lana, and 3 others riding with the JDRF Cinicinnati team who we shall be seeing in Death Valley.

We all started out together but ended up separating within the first 5 miles. There were several people that started out same time as we did which might have caused the disconnect. Bob and Dan later informed Michael that it was due to us passing on the left side of the road going up hill. We don't seem to recall that part but are sorry nonetheless. Michael, Tony, Marcy, and I stayed together most of the ride. We ran into Bob and Dan several times at stops and once when we were headed the wrong direction with a group of at least 30 riders ;o). We actually made a few wrong turns during the course of the day. We encountered several bike snobs at our first wrong turn, one guy would not respond to Marcy despite having to stop at the T right in front of us! It was classic! We did ride a short distance with the MPCC group which was working out well until we had bike troubles. Tony had problems with his bike chain and seat while I ended up riding on a flat for who knows how long of the ride. A big thanks to Michael for putting on a clinic changing my tube! Tony and I were very impressed! Also a big thanks to Tony for noticing that my tire was flat!

Marcy and Michael finished the century while Tony and I chose a shorter route after lunch and ended up with a total of 85 miles. Michael rode strong even without sport legs!

The weather was very pleasant despite being very cool at the start. We were expecting a flat ride however there were some small inclines here and there that kept us awake! I also felt like we were heading into the wind the last half of the ride but I am pretty sure that is not accurate ;o). We definitely had some head wind but also had some breaks.

Ride Happy!


  1. This was a fun ride, but what made it fun was the company!

  2. I'm sorry I missed all the fun! Looks like there was a great turn out for the Indiana Cure Chasers!


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Indiana Cure Chasers 2010
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