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Monday, September 6, 2010

Just another Hilly Saturday

Lisa, Sam and I met at the Flying J early Saturday morning (5:30) and piled in the team bus (my Stealth Sport Van - which is neither stealthy or sporty) for our journey to do the 16 mile hill loop in Morgan Monroe State Forest.

It was very dark when we arrived so it took us a bit to get our lighting rigged on our bikes and get going so it was about 7:15 when we finally got underway.

Personally it was a hard day for me as apparently I was "blown up" from earlier rides this week and had cramping the whole time (I told Sam and Lisa that it was just that time of the month for my legs :) )

But the weather was awsum and perfect for putting in a hard effort!

I saw Tony going the other way towards the end of my second loop. I was wondering if he was going to show this weekend since it was so cold, but he made it for a few loops and to date has not missed a one of these rides.

We all did Bean Blossom Hill at least once and Sam did it an amazing 5 times! WOW!

Our training schedule called for 85 miles this weekend and I think that Sam did in the High 60 and Lisa did in the mid 70 range, but in those hills that was way over the effort for 85 miles of flat to rolling riding, I am sure. Our total ride time was 6 hours and 15 minutes a great amount of time in the saddle with Death Valley just around the corner.

I had a lot of fun, burned close to 6000 calories and slept great on Saturday night, with no more cramping that evening or the next day (woo hoo). Can't wait to do it again in a few weeks!

BTW Lisa took some great pictures of BB hill, but it was with my camera and I am having some technical difficulties, so be on the look out, I hopefully will get that figured out in a few days.




  1. Great Job! Glad to see everyone is getting out for some hill practice, despite my absence. Looking forward to riding with everyone in a week.

  2. Michael forgets to mention that he go 85 miles in plus 5 trips up Bean Blossom despite that time of the month for his legs.


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