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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who wants hills?

Mike and I are hitting Morgan Monroe again Saturday morning. It's a short loop, easily customizable to anyone's needs. You can ride anywhere from 14 miles on up. We'll be there starting early until mid-afternoon, so you could join us any time if you didn't want to be there all day, or meet on the south side to carpool if you do. SAG every loop at the car, bring your own snacks. Icy refills will keep us cool and happy. ;) Call, email, or text me or Michael if you want to join in the fun.


  1. Planning to leave the Flying J at I465 and SR37 at 5:30

    Which should put us on the course at 6:15
    Sunrise will be about 7:15 so the first loop will be limited visibility so plan to bring lights.

    I have one extra headlight that I will bring, plus I plan to supply a cooler with ice.

    If all goes well we should be ready to head back to Indy at about 1pm

    The current forcast is for a low of 57 (Tony bring your winter coat :)) with a high of 73 partly cloudy so it should be a perfect day to ride!

    There are basically 2 loops one that is about 14 miles, the training schedule calls for 85 miles so 6 loops and some change will get you there with some terrain that sort of similar to Death Valley.

    The extended more challenging loop is about 16 miles so 6 loops will yield about 96 miles of hard core training :)

    So far I have 3 people confirmed for the Team Bus from Flying J and I can take up to 5 with bikes (6 if we remove a front wheel or 2 :))

    CU Saturday and hopefully Thursday at Nebo!

  2. How did it go cRaZeEEeee hill riders?

  3. Mad crazy wonderful fun, and hard work! Sam is a mountain goat. Who knew she had 5 Beanblossom Hills in her? Wow! We all worked hard, trained well, and enjoyed the perfect weather!


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