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Friday, September 10, 2010

Nebo Ridge, the B's have it!

Another perfect night for riding last night!

I was happy to see Tony, Gary, Kevin, Mark and Danny at the ride (if you were there and I did not see you,,,,, well I am not happy about that) :)

It was a spirited ride with the Killer Bs but I was able to hang on for a 21.9 mph avg over 30 miles, thanks to a little help from my friends Kevin Strawbride and Gary. Thanks for letting me use your wheels!

You can now call me El Chuppa llanta! (which translates as the chuppa llanta)

All the speed tips that Gary emailed me after last weeks ride were a tremendous success and all that jumping around and pill popping (sport legs) that he recommended really paid off in spades!

I also saw Mark out on the course as we came down the home stretch on Mule Barn road, he looked to be riding strong in the pack.

An we met Kevin Garner out on an independant excursion as we were crossing....32?? on the way out.

It was a fun ride, no wind and perfect temps!

Well I hope to see the lot of you on Saturday morning at 7:30 for the Ian's Army ride

Asta luega for now



  1. Please share Gary's speedy tips! I need all the help I can get, even if I'm not a Killer B.....

  2. It can all be found at the below address and it is not just getting faster but improving endurance as well.

    Good Stuff!!


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